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How To Create a Website, Build a WebsiteBe it whether you are a small business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, if you are dreaming of pick up the necessary skills in creating your business website, we are here to help you achieve what you need in a simple yet hassle-free way.

We offer a one-on-one coaching on website creation. But if you prefer, up to 3 persons in a class is fine with us.


What will you get from the course?

You will know

  • How to identify a good domain name and web hosting
  • How to maximize your web hosting
  • How to install WordPress on your website
  • Important WordPress settings for your business website
  • 6 essential pages for your business website
  • Where to find images to use for free (and legal)
  • How to create a compelling ‘About Us’ page
  • How to create content that sells
  • How to create a contact page that people will use
  • How to design professional image sliders for your home page
  • How to integrate a business blog into your website and start posting
  • How to extend the functionalities of your website using plugins
  • How to install and configure a responsive theme in your website
  • How to collect payment from your website
  • Techniques to make your website SEO-friendly (Search Engine Optimization)
  • . . . and many more

You can learn so much more in one day. Some of our clients preferred 2 half-day.


How To Create a Website, Build a Website


That’s not all. Look at what we have installed for you:

1)  This coaching session comes with a very comprehensive video series that consist more than 80 videos for you to pick up more skills and knowledge that have not enough time to be covered in a one-day coaching.

2)  You will be able to create your own website after the coaching. That’s why we even offer a 3-hour revision (some call it a clinic) after the coaching, at any time convenient for you, AT NO EXTRA COST!

3)  Many business owners prefer to spend their precious time to grow their business rather than maintaining their website. We fully understand that. We can help you take care of your website regularly at a fee lower than the market rate.

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A comprehensive One Day WordPress course to build a powerful website! Contact us now!


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